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Tuesday, January 27

Hello Friends,
I have some news to share...

I am Pregnant!
(Which is partly why my presence has been so scarce around here).

I will be almost halfway through my pregnancy this this week and so our little baby is due in the middle of June :)

I thought I would share a bit of how I have found it thus far, as these are the kinds of posts that I like reading about the miraculous journey through pregnancy. 
And I really won't be at all offended if this doesn't interest you at all and you want to stop reading right now!  

I'm going to steal some of Megan's titles in her pregnancy posts as I've loved reading hers.

How far are you?

19 weeks and 5 days today. 
I actually thought I was a week ahead of that but my scan last week confirmed that  I'm a week later than I had worked out! 

Comments from others:

"Are you sure you aren't having twins?"
"Wow you are really big for x number of weeks, are you sure there is only one in there?"
"Imagine how big you will by June?"
"Are you sure you aren't having twins?"
"Are you sure you aren't having twins?"
"Are you sure you aren't having twins?"
Yes I'm, sure there is only one in there. Yes I know my stomach is big! Yes I do feel a little self conscious about it. Thanks for being the 30th person today to remind me of it. 
On the flip side however, a close friend of mine is getting upset that everyone keeps telling her how small her bump is for how far she is! I have decided that everyone likes to advise you in someway or the other.

Did you get Morning Sickness?

Oh my goodness I thought I was going to die in those first few weeks. We even had to cancel a weekend away as I couldn't move from my tearful position on the sofa.

At 7 weeks I told Pete that we were never ever going to have another child as I couldn't possibly go through it again.  I wasn't actually ever sick, but I had nausea that consumed every ounce of my being from the moment that I woke up until 30 minutes before I went to bed. 

I seriously have no idea how anyone survives morning sickness if they A: Have other small children to look after at the same time (as I could hardly function for myself) and B: Have jobs where they have to work really long hours (at least I could often sneak home for a nap between my patients).

You are my heroes ladies!

The only way I felt better was by eating, but the only foods I could face eating were really unhealthy (see cravings below).  So often I wished I would be sick, in the hopes that it may alleviate the nausea and also to try and rid myself of all the extra calories that I was consuming!


(Bread, pizza, pasta, crisps, cake)

And I could not face water (how ridiculous I know), fruit, vegetables or anything to do with handling raw meat.

I also couldn't go to restaurants for a few weeks as the smells were too overpowering and 5 times I had to walk out of the supermarket before I could buy anything as the smells in the store were exacerbating my nausea!

At around 14 weeks I thankfully began craving healthier foods again and drinking water rather than copious amounts of elderflower cordial when in the UK and Oros in SA.

Weight gain:

 More than I should have as a result of all the beige in the beginning!  I think it's about 7 or 8 kgs already so far...

Favourite moments:

Telling my family and friends that we are expecting a baby! Especially after the AWFUL year of anything health related with my Family in 2014.

Telling the kids who I treat who are able to understand that I am pregnant! They all try and listen to my tummy and rub it and want to kiss it - so sweet! The little boy that I treat who has had half of his brain removed and doesn't comprehend well enough for me to explain to him that I have a baby in my tummy has also taken spontaneously to trying to kiss my tummy too - it's amazing how he just knows.


I think that I have the same fears as everybody else, that the pregnancy goes smoothly and to full term,  the birth, the fatigue, and that our baby will be healthy.
 General mood:

Other than being exhausted in the evenings and feeling often feeling overwhelmed by life after about 8pm, I have felt really good for the past 3 weeks!

Things I have been surprised by:

How much they can see on the 20 week ultrasound! The sonographer talked us through what she was assessing (probably because I kept pestering her) and showed us the baby's heart valves, heart chambers, lengths of the bones in the arms and legs, the number of digits, the little bladder filling showing that the kidneys are functioning and the spine and skin folds to rule out spin bifida.  It was AMAZING. And wonderful to know that it all looks perfect. 


We are keeping it as a surprise! Although I am convinced that I know what we are having...

Things I am most looking forward to:

Feeling kicks! Apparently my placenta is lying anteriorly in my uterus which is why I'm not feeling much yet as there is an extra layer of padding for the baby to kick through before I can feel it.  Pete and I were astounded at how much it was moving about inside of me during the scan, jumping up and down off of the top of my cervix. I was amazed that I couldn't feel it with how much it was moving about! 

Maternity clothes:

I have had to buy a few bigger jumpers and I have one pair of awesome maternity jeans from GAP and two pairs of leggings from H & M (as of yesterday!). 

Wow what a long post! I hope that you haven't been thoroughly bored and I hope to be back on here sharing some of my favourite moments from our trip to SA soon.

Have a lovely day!
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