Dam Day - December in SA

Thursday, February 5

Cold, dark, snowy and rainy days in London
make me feel homesick for South Africa,
and make me miss my big extended family.

And the familiarity that comes with being surrounded by people who have known you
for your whole life.

And the beautiful farm and area where I am from,
(that growing up I took completely for granted).

And I long for more days spent braaing (barbecuing) at the dam like the one pictured above.

And then I remember that I'm not the only one who now lives miles away from my home town.

And that for a number of the people in the photo's above,
they were also only at 'home' on a holiday.

And that it was actually the one day we were all available last year to recreate one of the 'Dam days' of our childhood.

And it makes me a little sad, but also grateful.

As the life I currently have in London is wonderful, and I get to have days like the above when I go back to my childhood 'home'...

And the next time that we have one of these special get togethers, Siena won't be the youngest anymore, and our baby will most likely be the tiniest member of the party! 

Thanks to everyone for that wonderful day, and thanks Tracey, for the photo's above that I stole from you!
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