Happy Friday

Friday, April 24

Hello and Happy Friday friends, 

We have had some gorgeous sunny afternoons this week in London, and together with the longer days and the gorgeous blossoms on the trees, spring/summer is feeling more like a reality!

We are slowly getting settled into our lovely new home, although it does feel like the final few boxes just never seem to be unpacked.  Our sofa should hopefully arrive mid May, but until then I am so glad that we ordered the maternity rocking chair (that you can sort of see in the second picture above).  It is so much more comfortable than the garden chairs we were sitting on initially! We now also have 4 dining chairs and a small table that is currently doubling as a desk and place to eat until our real dining room table arrives, which should also be next month.

We have had a few little niggles that have needed sorting out since we moved in, but I think that is pretty typical with any new building, and our small list of issues is rapidly dwindling.

As soon as the flat is looking is more photogenic and less cramped with boxes I will share some pictures on here too.

Baby wise, our buggy and car seat arrived this week (all feeling VERY real now), and Pete also put together the cot for us.  My friend Holly very kindly made me a few lists of the essential baby items that you need if you have limited space and live in a small apartment. These have been a life saver and I will share them on here soon. There are so many gorgeous things out there, and even though I think I know a little about baby products from working with Mum's and babies, I would have bought SO many unnecessary things without her very concise lists! 

Pregnancy wise, (other than some back pain) all is going well and I am now 32 weeks pregnant.  I feel gigantic and really have new respect for anyone who is overweight and exercises regularly. I have been amazed by how much more difficult I have found things like climbing the stairs and getting on and off of the floor, with being so much heavier than usual.  It takes so much more effort and exercising is so much more exhausting and less appealing!  Seriously, I applaud anyone who is overweight and regularly works out.

I seem to have (thankfully) forgotten all the ridiculous beige food cravings of my first trimester and I am once agin LOVING all things fruit, vegetable and salad related. Thank goodness, and long may it last.

Talking of exercise, the AMAZING pregnancy yoga class that I was going to on a Saturday has been cancelled. And it's made me really sad. I can't seem to find another one nearby that is as convenient.  And one I did find this week, is on at the same time as our birth preparation classes which we start soon.  I went to a pregnancy pilates class on Monday, which is conveniently across the road from our house.  And it was ok, but not wonderful. Also the one movement that I tell all my patients to avoid to not exacerbate their tummy muscle separation was included as an exercise! I couldn't believe it!!

I am SO much more of a yoga than a pilates person.

Ok, enough from me.

Have a super weekend lovely people!  

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