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Thursday, April 9

Last night I had a lovely catch up with some of my favourite blogger girls, Che, Freya, Catherine and Jo.  Although I think that I am actually pretty fortunate to still be allowed to attend our blogger catch ups as I hardly seem to blog at all!

I had such great plans for this space of mine on the internet when I fell pregnant (before I got the morning sickness of death of course). I was going to share regular updates and write all the kinds of pregnancy related posts that I LOVE reading.

And then life somehow got in the way.  Pete has been using the computer that I like to write on more frequently than he used to, and I'm very fortunate that my Physio practice has been really busy this year.

Throw in us moving house this weekend, and the dreaded job of sorting out and packing up all that we own, and time continues to disappear quickly.  I also did a week long Masters level Physio course in Birmingham 2 weeks ago (where obviously I was a nerd and did ALL the recommended pre course reading, which took ages)!

So basically, there have just been fewer hours in the day lately than there usually are for me.

I have now stopped seeing the heavier children that I treat. Being a Physio for children with special needs can involve a fair amount of lifting; and doing so with a belly in the way is not the easiest! Avoiding angry physical outbursts from children with autism and behavioural disorders is also not the simplest when you are conscious of protecting your belly.

I am so fortunate that my friend Michelle, who is a brilliant physio and lovely person is taking over treating my special kiddies for me while I am off of work. THANK YOU Michelle!

I have only seen 5 patients since last Wednesday and it has felt very very strange to have all this time to myself (in between packing up our flat).  I am so grateful that I have the job that I have.  I have really been struck again in the last few days by how much joy and purpose I get from working.  I still find it quite incredible that I actually get paid to hang out with, and treat the children that I do.

With regards to work, I'm not sure how much time I will have off after our baby is born.  I will see how things go. I am also really lucky that going back to work for me, could just be an hour or two here or there, and wouldn't have to entail me having to leave our baby for the entire day.

Pregnancy wise, I am 30 weeks pregnant today! My belly feels huge (as you can see in the selfie above surrounded by packing boxes).  I was a little worried a few weeks ago when the midwife measured my tummy and said 'your baby is huge'.  Especially with everyone constantly asking me if I'm having twins! However the 4d scan that we had last week showed that there is certainly only one and it's weight is very average for it's age. Phew. The 4d scan was fascinating and I will write another post about my thoughts on scans for if you live in London!

I have generally felt pretty fabulous for the past few months. Other than a week long mild tummy bug, I've had no more sickness and having a pregnant belly is actually pretty cool (once you have invested in some maternity clothes and are no longer trying unsuccessfully to squeeze into your normal gear).  I will write a post soon on my experiences with maternity clothes shopping in London too!

We went to Chamonix a few weeks ago which was lovely, although typically I had issues with boarding the flight at Heathrow - terminal 5 is my nemesis... I will share some of my pictures from there soon too.

We had a very quiet Easter weekend as we were supposed to be moving last weekend but building delays put a stop to that plan.  Fingers crossed that we do manage to get the keys tomorrow and to move in successfully on Saturday!

Ok enough rambling for now I think.

Thanks for reading this.

I have a few more boxes to pack...
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