Moving House at 30 weeks Pregnant

Wednesday, April 15

Oh my goodness but moving STRESSES me out. I get this weird guilt and anxiety about how much I own and I find the final 10% of random stuff that needs packing up extremely awful and traumatic. 

After a number of delays with the flat that we bought off plan back in 2013, Saturday was the day that we were finally scheduled to move in.  It's really close to where we have been renting, (the flats are visible to each other from their balconies), but far enough to still be a big mission to move between.

Unsurprisingly, moving at 30 weeks pregnant was not fun. (Even though my super husband insisted that I go to the beauticians for the afternoon whilst he dealt with the movers.)

All was going well until the lift at our new place jammed closed with some of our things inside of it. Ordinarily this would not have been a massive problem.  Unfortunately the only thing that we actually needed to be able to sleep at our new flat, THE MATTRESS was inside of the lift at the time of the doors jamming closed.  The poor movers then had to carry up the remainder of our possessions up to the second floor.

Incredibly, although we live in one of the biggest cities in the world, in a first world country, and the majority of the development is still teaming with builders - the lift was unable to opened until Tuesday. Meaning that we were unable to sleep at our new place until last night.

On Saturday evening I found the whole thing quite comical and after we had cooked dinner in our new home, showered and brushed our teeth we headed back to our rented flat to sleep on the bed there for the night (fortunately we have had a weeks crossover as a result of all the unexpected delays).

On Sunday I was a little annoyed by it but I knew that it was the last night of having to sleep at the old flat and so walked back and forth in my pyjamas.

When the lift still hadn't been opened on Monday evening, I had a bit of pregnancy hormone frustrated meltdown and the lady from the property management company caught the grumpiest most tearful and hysterical version of myself possible.  It turns out their 'it will be fixed in 24 hours' is not in line with what an actual unit of 24 hours of time is.

In the big scheme of life, it really is rather insignificant. It's not like we didn't have anywhere to stay, and the flats are really close together.  But when you have almost killed yourselves saving money for the deposit and been SO excited to move and it's already been delayed by 4 months and you are feeling tired and heavy and emotional - it SUDDENLY BECOMES THE END OF THE WORLD.

Our sofa (which actually also has a sofa bed) is yet to arrive, so we have been sitting on 2 garden chairs since we moved in there. Certainly not the most comfortable for me at this point!

Anyway, fortunately after numerous more phone calls and Pete making enemies with everyone that he spoke to, it was finally opened yesterday at midday. It took around 30 seconds for the lift engineers to do so and we were able to retrieve the boxes and most importantly the MATTRESS from where they had been held captive since the Saturday.

And so we are finally (sans much furniture) in our gorgeous new flat.  It is all lovely and brand new and has so many windows with gorgeous natural light flowing through them. Especially with the incredible weather that we have had yesterday and today!

The picture above is of the kitchen (and the 2 welcome hampers that we received when moving in).

And this is my first bump selfie in our new HOME!

Enough of my whinging story now, it's time to go of a walk along the river in the SUNSHINE!

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