37 Week Pregnancy Update - And our CHAOTIC flat

Thursday, May 28

After feeling like I have been pregnant FOREVER, we are suddenly full term today.  Which means that although our baby is only due in 3 weeks, if it arrived anytime from today it would not be considered to be premature.

I am excited but also very nervous for d-day.  I am also hoping that this baby does not announce itself to the world in the next few days as our flat is currently in chaos.  They ripped up and replaced the floors in the living room, entrance hall and passage on Friday and Saturday and it has been a long slow week of various builders coming and going to replace skirting boards, varnish the floors and touch up paint since then.  We can't access our kitchen at all and I am a little tired of eating at restaurants or eating m and s salads on my rocking chair (which has been squeeeeezed into our bedroom).  Apparently the last bits will all be done tomorrow and then we can start moving furniture back into the living room.  And our new sofa is finally being delivered on Saturday- YAY.

The reason that the floor had to be replaced was because there were big (and uneven) gaps in between where the engineered wooden floor boards had been laid. Initially the builders tried to fob us off saying that the boards needed room to expand in the heat, which was clearly nonsense, and eventually they admitted it wasn't acceptable and agreed to redo it.  I have such admiration for anyone who lives in a house whilst completely refurbishing it at the same time, I don't think that I would be able to!

Being ridiculously clumsy and huge while all your furniture and belongings are rammed into the spare room, bedroom and bathrooms is a serious trip hazard. So far this week I have cut the side of my foot open on a piece of glass shelving, walked into the tv stand bruising my leg and bumped my toes more times than I can remember.

Amongst all the floor bits going on yesterday, the man arrived to install the built in wardrobe in the second room and to refit the interior of the wardrobe in our room.  He arrived with none on the interior pieces for our wardrobe - and it turned out that the measurements his colleague made for the new bespoke wardrobe were slightly incorrect.  The colleague has (unsurprisingly) now left the company. We were left with an entire wardrobe of clothes laid in the bath and on our bed as Pete had removed the clothes and original hanging rail and fittings so that the new ones could be installed! What chaos. Anyway, apparently it will all (fingers crossed) be completed tomorrow. 

So HOPEFULLY by Saturday afternoon, it will feel a little more like a home!

Pregnancy wise, I am gigantic and swollen, but otherwise very well.  And constantly kicked by the little human growing inside of me.  The hiccups that this little thing gets are incredible too!

(Aside: Quickly trying to take the bump selfie above while the painter was in the hallway was rather awkward!)

I have had some lovely catch ups with friends in the last week. I met Nix for lunch at Google, where she works, and was amazed by their offices! They have the MOST incredible free staff canteens, (even a sushi one I kid you not), gaming and chill out rooms and even a full size London bus that has been turned into a meeting room!  On Tuesday, I distracted hung out with Che for the day to escape the fumes while they varnished our floors. I had a lovely day with her and was blown away by the amazing Deliciously Ella raw cheesecake that she made!

Che and Beany have arranged my baby shower for Sunday and I am so looking forward to it. (Another reason for you to stay inside for a few more days please little baby!)

My Dad is really struggling this week, please keep in your thoughts and prayers as he continues to fight the horrendous melanoma cancer that has invaded his body.    

And please watch this melanoma awareness video if you haven't already.

Much love,

35 Week Pregnancy Update

Friday, May 15

This week has flown by, and I have a feeling that the next 3-5 weeks until 'baby arrival day' are going to continue to disappear at a rapid rate!

My assignment is finally done and submitted.  It was nearly the end of the end of me last week.  After many tears and much self doubt, not helped by my pregnancy brain, it is no longer weighing me down!  Now I just hope that I have passed it.  As a reward for trying to have it finished by last Friday, I invited some of my favourite girls (who I hadn't seen for too long) for tea.  They were warned that seating is still limited (fingers crossed our sofa will finally arrive next week), and we had such a lovely afternoon! Pete was away on a golf weekend (his last pre fatherhood boys outing!) and I went to bed on Saturday evening with the most full and happy heart.  Although a number of my best friends (sob) have left London over the last 18 months, I am so fortunate to still have such wonderful girls in my life!

Pregnancy wise, we had our second birth preparation class last night. There are 8 couples in our group, our babies are all due within 4 weeks of each other and 5 of the other couples live within a 5 minute walk of us.  The couples all seem lovely and I look forward to hanging out with them over the next few months. Today we have our 'ladies only' session at our instructors house, where I think we are covering breastfeeding and the more gory bits associated with labour...

After being sooo convinced in my mind that we were having a girl, I now have no idea. Everyone keeps telling me that I am carrying as if it is a boy! Even the check out lady at Sainsbury's this week told me that I was most certainly having a boy.  I can't wait to see what we have on the day that this little one enter the world!

Speaking of the day that the baby enters the world, this whole due date thing is actually quite confusing.  Although we typically say that a woman is pregnant for 9 months, pregnancy is actually measured as 40 weeks, so 10 months.  The predicted due date is calculated by the measurements of the baby at the 12 week scan. Before the 12 week scan gives you the date, you count the 40 weeks as being from the first day of your last period.  

However, the baby is actually considered 'full term' from 37 weeks and wouldn't be considered premature if it arrived then.  In the UK, they induce you (to bring on labour if the baby hasn't arrived) after 42 weeks. So really, there is a window of 5 weeks, 3 weeks before and 2 weeks after your due date that the baby could enter the world! Which means that our baby could arrive in two weeks time - which is SOON!

Apparently only 4% of babies arrive on their due date, and most of the ladies that I treat have had their first babies only after their due date, so I doubt that ours will arrive that soon!

I feel big and heavy and swollen, and my cancer scar on my shoulder has been aching at times, but otherwise I'm feeling good. Sleeping is not the easiest (and filled with the most bizarre dreams), but I think that how I feel is pretty typical for this stage of pregnancy!

And wow does this baby kick like crazy! I don't think I realised before hand quite how much movement I would feel and see in my belly.  This instagram video is from a few weeks ago, and captures the baby doing a workout before I went to bed.

Have a super weekend friends :)

Pregnancy Brain

Wednesday, May 13

I feel like I need to dedicate a post to this very real (not yet medically proven) condition.  Before I was pregnant I smiled and nodded politely when my patients and friends told me about lapses in their memories or silly things that they had done which they attributed to being pregnant.

I am (usually) very good with names and appointments and have fairly good common sense.

Not recently however, so I can tell you that this inferior functioning of the brain whilst with child is a VERY real thing.

Off the top of my head, a few things that I have done recently which my previously functioning brain would not have done...

1. I peeled off and placed my new parking permit sticker on the windscreen of the car the wrong way around. Which makes it easy for the passenger in the front seat to read but impossible for the parking inspector...

2. I have double booked myself for lunches and dinners more times than I can count.

3.  We were at a party a few weeks ago and I repeatedly called a baby by the wrong name. The Mother was too polite to say anything, but Pete asked me when we got home why I hadn't been calling the child by what he thought it was. He was right.

4. I read emails, whatsapps and texts and then completely forget to reply them.  Or I think I have replied and then wonder why the person has rudely failed to reply to me.

5. I put a load of washing into the machine and then forget to hang it up....for days.

6. I forget that there is a builder coming around to complete something, even though I've written it down and Pete has reminded me, and then have to let them in my dressing gown after diving out of the shower when the doorbell rings.

6. Today I was MORTIFIED when I realised that our lovely next door neighbour in our new flat is not called the name I have been calling her for the past month.  Only when typing in her name to my phone from where she wrote it down for me did I realise that her real name is TOTALLY different to what I've been calling her for weeks. I am so embarrassed!

A few days ago I had 10 points in my mind to put into this post. But alas, my pregnancy brain has failed me.

(Perhaps I should add failing to clear the background of my 34 week bump selfie above sufficiently and then having to put a heart over the fruit bowl?)

And sadly they say that 'baby brain' is even worse...

Can't believe that I am 35 weeks tomorrow!

Baby Moon trip to Champneys Health Spa

Wednesday, May 6

This weekend, Pete treated us to two nights at the Champneys Health Spa in Forest Mere, Hampshire.

It's only and hour's drive from London and it was wonderful.  I had three treatments, and the Spa also has a timetable of exercise classes and educational talks.  I went to an aqua fitness class, a stretching class and a relaxation session.  The food is all healthy, delicious (and included) and I WISH that I could eat from their lunch buffet every day!

(The weekend also included lots of time sprawled out on the gigantic bed reading the newspaper and my kindle, while Pete did the more energetic cardio classes)

It was our last trip as a family of two and a great start to my maternity leave!

I am 34 weeks tomorrow, I can't believe that I am 'full term' in 3 weeks! But my actual due date is still in 6 weeks.

I just need to get this big assignment out of the way and then I can embrace being a lady of leisure for a few weeks....

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