35 Week Pregnancy Update

Friday, May 15

This week has flown by, and I have a feeling that the next 3-5 weeks until 'baby arrival day' are going to continue to disappear at a rapid rate!

My assignment is finally done and submitted.  It was nearly the end of the end of me last week.  After many tears and much self doubt, not helped by my pregnancy brain, it is no longer weighing me down!  Now I just hope that I have passed it.  As a reward for trying to have it finished by last Friday, I invited some of my favourite girls (who I hadn't seen for too long) for tea.  They were warned that seating is still limited (fingers crossed our sofa will finally arrive next week), and we had such a lovely afternoon! Pete was away on a golf weekend (his last pre fatherhood boys outing!) and I went to bed on Saturday evening with the most full and happy heart.  Although a number of my best friends (sob) have left London over the last 18 months, I am so fortunate to still have such wonderful girls in my life!

Pregnancy wise, we had our second birth preparation class last night. There are 8 couples in our group, our babies are all due within 4 weeks of each other and 5 of the other couples live within a 5 minute walk of us.  The couples all seem lovely and I look forward to hanging out with them over the next few months. Today we have our 'ladies only' session at our instructors house, where I think we are covering breastfeeding and the more gory bits associated with labour...

After being sooo convinced in my mind that we were having a girl, I now have no idea. Everyone keeps telling me that I am carrying as if it is a boy! Even the check out lady at Sainsbury's this week told me that I was most certainly having a boy.  I can't wait to see what we have on the day that this little one enter the world!

Speaking of the day that the baby enters the world, this whole due date thing is actually quite confusing.  Although we typically say that a woman is pregnant for 9 months, pregnancy is actually measured as 40 weeks, so 10 months.  The predicted due date is calculated by the measurements of the baby at the 12 week scan. Before the 12 week scan gives you the date, you count the 40 weeks as being from the first day of your last period.  

However, the baby is actually considered 'full term' from 37 weeks and wouldn't be considered premature if it arrived then.  In the UK, they induce you (to bring on labour if the baby hasn't arrived) after 42 weeks. So really, there is a window of 5 weeks, 3 weeks before and 2 weeks after your due date that the baby could enter the world! Which means that our baby could arrive in two weeks time - which is SOON!

Apparently only 4% of babies arrive on their due date, and most of the ladies that I treat have had their first babies only after their due date, so I doubt that ours will arrive that soon!

I feel big and heavy and swollen, and my cancer scar on my shoulder has been aching at times, but otherwise I'm feeling good. Sleeping is not the easiest (and filled with the most bizarre dreams), but I think that how I feel is pretty typical for this stage of pregnancy!

And wow does this baby kick like crazy! I don't think I realised before hand quite how much movement I would feel and see in my belly.  This instagram video is from a few weeks ago, and captures the baby doing a workout before I went to bed.

Have a super weekend friends :)
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