Baby Moon trip to Champneys Health Spa

Wednesday, May 6

This weekend, Pete treated us to two nights at the Champneys Health Spa in Forest Mere, Hampshire.

It's only and hour's drive from London and it was wonderful.  I had three treatments, and the Spa also has a timetable of exercise classes and educational talks.  I went to an aqua fitness class, a stretching class and a relaxation session.  The food is all healthy, delicious (and included) and I WISH that I could eat from their lunch buffet every day!

(The weekend also included lots of time sprawled out on the gigantic bed reading the newspaper and my kindle, while Pete did the more energetic cardio classes)

It was our last trip as a family of two and a great start to my maternity leave!

I am 34 weeks tomorrow, I can't believe that I am 'full term' in 3 weeks! But my actual due date is still in 6 weeks.

I just need to get this big assignment out of the way and then I can embrace being a lady of leisure for a few weeks....

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