Pregnancy Brain

Wednesday, May 13

I feel like I need to dedicate a post to this very real (not yet medically proven) condition.  Before I was pregnant I smiled and nodded politely when my patients and friends told me about lapses in their memories or silly things that they had done which they attributed to being pregnant.

I am (usually) very good with names and appointments and have fairly good common sense.

Not recently however, so I can tell you that this inferior functioning of the brain whilst with child is a VERY real thing.

Off the top of my head, a few things that I have done recently which my previously functioning brain would not have done...

1. I peeled off and placed my new parking permit sticker on the windscreen of the car the wrong way around. Which makes it easy for the passenger in the front seat to read but impossible for the parking inspector...

2. I have double booked myself for lunches and dinners more times than I can count.

3.  We were at a party a few weeks ago and I repeatedly called a baby by the wrong name. The Mother was too polite to say anything, but Pete asked me when we got home why I hadn't been calling the child by what he thought it was. He was right.

4. I read emails, whatsapps and texts and then completely forget to reply them.  Or I think I have replied and then wonder why the person has rudely failed to reply to me.

5. I put a load of washing into the machine and then forget to hang it up....for days.

6. I forget that there is a builder coming around to complete something, even though I've written it down and Pete has reminded me, and then have to let them in my dressing gown after diving out of the shower when the doorbell rings.

6. Today I was MORTIFIED when I realised that our lovely next door neighbour in our new flat is not called the name I have been calling her for the past month.  Only when typing in her name to my phone from where she wrote it down for me did I realise that her real name is TOTALLY different to what I've been calling her for weeks. I am so embarrassed!

A few days ago I had 10 points in my mind to put into this post. But alas, my pregnancy brain has failed me.

(Perhaps I should add failing to clear the background of my 34 week bump selfie above sufficiently and then having to put a heart over the fruit bowl?)

And sadly they say that 'baby brain' is even worse...

Can't believe that I am 35 weeks tomorrow!
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