So my Due Date has come and gone...

Saturday, June 20

In case you were wondering, I am still pregnant.

Thursday (my due date) came and went, and although I tried to convince my midwife to do a sweep to try and encourage things along when I saw her on Wednesday, she wasn't keen to!

She advised that rather, for now, I continue with all the old wives tales and natural ways to induce labour.

I am seeing her again on Monday where she may do a sweep.

(If you are wondering what on earth that is, I enjoyed Ruth's post about Sex, Sweep or Pineapple. She has since had her baby - congratulations Ruth!)

On Thursday I went for an acupuncture session to try and induce labour, and the acupuncturist said that the baby moving during the session was a good sign. He said that he treated two ladies the day before (but they were both already a week overdue) and that one had gone into labour early in the morning after the session, the other he was yet to hear from.

Well our baby kicked up a storm during the treatment and I definitely felt some weird sensations during the session.  He recommended waiting until Monday for another session, especially if I do have a sweep in the morning. I have no idea if it will actually help, but it doesn't have any adverse side effects and I'm fascinated to see if it does help. 

(And either way I definitely intend to add acupuncture to induce labour to the services that I provide as a Physio, I've even scoped out the course that I need to do!) 

Two of the other girls in my birth preparation classes also surpassed their due dates this week so we went for a 6km walk yesterday to try and coax our babies along, but it doesn't appear to have been successful!

However, as much as I am going on about how desperately I want this baby to arrive now, and trying all these natural tricks - I do also know that the baby will arrive when it is supposed to!

And yes, I am enjoying these last few days and yes I am trying to rest as much as I can and yes I know that once it arrives it will be with me forever!

So please don't worry to send me any more messages telling me this.

But please continue to send me your natural remedies and well wishes, I LOVE them!

In the meantime I will continue to try and keep as cool as possible, bounce on my birthing ball, and struggle to sleep!

And I will continue to to have lovely lunches, coffees and catchups.

And try to coax the baby out naturally, as I really really really don't want to have to be medically (artificially) induced.  My midwife said this week that she thinks that the baby will weigh around 3.6 kgs. It will be interesting to see how much it does weigh. Most of my friends are predicting closer to 4kgs!

Right now, Pete and I are heading out for lunch, and then to visit Sam, Bindy and Will.

Have a super Saturday friends!

My Beautiful Baby Shower

Wednesday, June 17

On the 31st of May, Beany and Che threw me the most gorgeous baby shower! 

As you can see by the stunning pictures that Maxeen captured on the day, the food and decor were amazing! Thank you to all of you who baked and created such delicious goodies. And thanks to Nix for the watermelon baby - I loved it!

I was surrounded by girls who I adore, that I've met at all different stages of my life, boarding school, university, London socialising, working in London and blogging.

Our baby was showered with absolute love and gifts and well wishes. Che created the most gorgeous cards for everyone to fill in, guessing when the baby will arrive, what it will weigh, what it's weight and name will be and what Pete and I will be doing when I go into labour. She created another card where the girls filled in what they wish for the baby to inherit from Pete and I, and other wishes for the future. These cards are so incredibly special and reading through them (with pregnancy hormones surging) I cry each time that I look over the beautiful things that everyone wrote!

I really think that Che needs to create a downloadable file in her etsy store for others to use these cards (and the paper decorations she created) at baby showers! 

Thank you girls for all you hard work in organising the afternoon, I am sorry that it rained and that we couldn't have it outside, but it truly was perfect in every way!

Thank you to everyone who came, and for all the gifts that we received.  

This baby is already truly spoilt!

In other news - still no sign of baby yet...I am off to see the midwife this morning so hopefully she will let me know if anything looks imminent! 

My Pregnancy Shoot

Monday, June 15

A few weeks ago, I had a maternity photo shoot with the lovely Manu from Emanuela Redaschi Photography.

She is currently working on a project where she is creating a portfolio of pictures of women who are between 34 weeks pregnant and full term.  For her project, she doesn't need any pictures with your face included, but in return for being her model, she gives you some extra images from the shoot free of charge.

I absolutely loved my shoot with Manu, in her studio at her beautiful home in Clapham, and I am so pleased with the pictures that she has sent over to me. She made me feel completely at ease during the session, despite the fact that I have (almost) doubled in weight in the past 10 months!

The good news is, that she is still looking for more pregnant ladies for her portfolio! So if you are 34 weeks (or more) or even less, and are local to London and would also like to have your bump captured by the talented Manu for free, then please contact her! And please let any of your pregnant friends or family know about this too.

You can fill out the contact form on her website saying that you are interested in being a part of her project and say that I sent you!

P.S : I have now decided that our baby is definitely going to be overdue so I am going to try and just enjoy doing very little this week...

39 weeks and Waiting...

Friday, June 12

As I type the title to this post I already fear that next weeks post will be titled 40 weeks and still waiting, the following will be 41 weeks and still still waiting and the one after that will be 42 weeks and about to be induced!

My original due date (before it got moved later twice from scans) was the 10th of June, so in my mind I really believed that the baby would arrive this Tuesday! Clearly not.  So now I think I'm going to be late and have to be induced at 42 weeks which is what the NHS system endorses.

The first of the ladies in our NCT (birth preparation classes) group, who was due the same day as me had her baby girl last weekend! We went out with the 7 remaining couples last night and we were all taking bets on who we think will be next...It is such a weird but exciting waiting game.

It really is terrible to complain about warm weather in London, but oh my goodness I have been MELTING this week! Extra weight and swelling and literally feeling like I have a bun in my abdominal oven as it has has made me so ridiculously hot! I caught the underground on Monday and it was awful.

I had book club this week, and it was so strange to think that it's my last one while pregnant.

My clumsiness continues to be rather alarming.  I stumbled and actually cut the side of my belly on the door handle in the bathroom, it even bled a little. I managed to break an egg onto myself instead of into the mixing bowl, and my laptop somehow jumped out of my hands onto the floor this week, snapping the charger in half.

Everyone keeps telling me to sleep as much as I can and not to wish this time away but I think that it's easier said than done.

I have been baking and cleaning this week and also got a delivery from Cook yesterday with some good quality frozen meals to tide us over in the first few days. Thanks to everyone on instagram who recommended I do this.

So now operation bring on the baby (naturally) officially begins!

I have just drunk a cup of raspberry leaf tea and I'm about to go to a yoga class.  I think we need to go out for a hot curry this evening, and take lots of long walks this weekend! Any other tips?

Have a super weekend friends,

38 Weeks (and we have a Sofa)!

Friday, June 5

There were a few things that I hoped to get done this week before our baby entered the world.

On Sunday afternoon, I had my WONDERFUL baby shower.  It was so lovely to catch up with a whole lot of my favourite girls in the same place and I was blown away by the amazing food that the girls prepared and by all the incredible gifts that we received!  I can't wait to receive some pictures of the afternoon from the lovely Maxeen and to share on here the amazing effort that Che, Beany and Nix put into creating the most perfect afternoon!  THANK YOU to everyone involved!

On Tuesday I taught pregnancy yoga to some of my new (mummy to be) friends, from our birth preparation classes, and it was so much fun.  For most of my pregnancy I attended a pregnancy yoga class at the Vitality Centre in Southfields but they stopped offering it a few weeks ago and I just haven't found another one quite as convenient to go to.  I try and do at least one or two poses at home each day, but it's just not quite the same as doing a full class. Our internet hasn't been properly set up in our flat yet either, so I sadly haven't even be able to do any of the great online classes from either. I so enjoyed teaching the class on Tuesday - oh how I would love to have my own physio/yoga space at home one day...

On Tuesday evening we went to a baby first aid course, run by my friend Anastasia from the Prenatal Classroom and learnt a whole lot of skills that I hope we will never need to use! If you have a baby or are due soon, I would really recommend that you do a baby first aid course, even if you have done one in the past. I last did it a year ago, and I couldn't believe how much I had already forgotten by Tuesday.

On Wednesday evening I had my British citizenship ceremony at the Wandsworth Town Hall. I can't believe that after first arriving in London 8 years and 4 months ago, I can finally now apply for my British passport!  It has been a lot of admin and many many ££ spent in the process, but I can't wait for the first time I get to use it for a weekend in Europe and don't need to apply for a schengen visa!

 Following on from last weeks post, our floors are done, our built in wardrobes have been completed, our sofa has arrived,  and our curtains have been hung. We now have a home! Once our dining table arrives and our internet is connected - we will be properly sorted! 

So baby, you can arrive now. Although I'm guessing that now that I am ready you are not planning to arrive anytime soon!

Pregnancy wise, I still feel huge and swollen and tops that just about covered my bump two weeks ago no longer do! We have had some lovely weather in the last few days (which I am not complaining about) but when your body temperature is already way higher than normal it feels even hotter than it is. Catching the underground yesterday afternoon was stiflingly hot!  And poor Pete, I am forever opening every door and window possible at home.

Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts, wishes and prayers for my Dad! He is being discharged from hospital this morning, after a two week stay, and is much better than he was.  I am sure that he will get even stronger at home before his next chemo treatment in a few weeks time.

Have a super weekend lovely friends!
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