My Beautiful Baby Shower

Wednesday, June 17

On the 31st of May, Beany and Che threw me the most gorgeous baby shower! 

As you can see by the stunning pictures that Maxeen captured on the day, the food and decor were amazing! Thank you to all of you who baked and created such delicious goodies. And thanks to Nix for the watermelon baby - I loved it!

I was surrounded by girls who I adore, that I've met at all different stages of my life, boarding school, university, London socialising, working in London and blogging.

Our baby was showered with absolute love and gifts and well wishes. Che created the most gorgeous cards for everyone to fill in, guessing when the baby will arrive, what it will weigh, what it's weight and name will be and what Pete and I will be doing when I go into labour. She created another card where the girls filled in what they wish for the baby to inherit from Pete and I, and other wishes for the future. These cards are so incredibly special and reading through them (with pregnancy hormones surging) I cry each time that I look over the beautiful things that everyone wrote!

I really think that Che needs to create a downloadable file in her etsy store for others to use these cards (and the paper decorations she created) at baby showers! 

Thank you girls for all you hard work in organising the afternoon, I am sorry that it rained and that we couldn't have it outside, but it truly was perfect in every way!

Thank you to everyone who came, and for all the gifts that we received.  

This baby is already truly spoilt!

In other news - still no sign of baby yet...I am off to see the midwife this morning so hopefully she will let me know if anything looks imminent! 
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