So my Due Date has come and gone...

Saturday, June 20

In case you were wondering, I am still pregnant.

Thursday (my due date) came and went, and although I tried to convince my midwife to do a sweep to try and encourage things along when I saw her on Wednesday, she wasn't keen to!

She advised that rather, for now, I continue with all the old wives tales and natural ways to induce labour.

I am seeing her again on Monday where she may do a sweep.

(If you are wondering what on earth that is, I enjoyed Ruth's post about Sex, Sweep or Pineapple. She has since had her baby - congratulations Ruth!)

On Thursday I went for an acupuncture session to try and induce labour, and the acupuncturist said that the baby moving during the session was a good sign. He said that he treated two ladies the day before (but they were both already a week overdue) and that one had gone into labour early in the morning after the session, the other he was yet to hear from.

Well our baby kicked up a storm during the treatment and I definitely felt some weird sensations during the session.  He recommended waiting until Monday for another session, especially if I do have a sweep in the morning. I have no idea if it will actually help, but it doesn't have any adverse side effects and I'm fascinated to see if it does help. 

(And either way I definitely intend to add acupuncture to induce labour to the services that I provide as a Physio, I've even scoped out the course that I need to do!) 

Two of the other girls in my birth preparation classes also surpassed their due dates this week so we went for a 6km walk yesterday to try and coax our babies along, but it doesn't appear to have been successful!

However, as much as I am going on about how desperately I want this baby to arrive now, and trying all these natural tricks - I do also know that the baby will arrive when it is supposed to!

And yes, I am enjoying these last few days and yes I am trying to rest as much as I can and yes I know that once it arrives it will be with me forever!

So please don't worry to send me any more messages telling me this.

But please continue to send me your natural remedies and well wishes, I LOVE them!

In the meantime I will continue to try and keep as cool as possible, bounce on my birthing ball, and struggle to sleep!

And I will continue to to have lovely lunches, coffees and catchups.

And try to coax the baby out naturally, as I really really really don't want to have to be medically (artificially) induced.  My midwife said this week that she thinks that the baby will weigh around 3.6 kgs. It will be interesting to see how much it does weigh. Most of my friends are predicting closer to 4kgs!

Right now, Pete and I are heading out for lunch, and then to visit Sam, Bindy and Will.

Have a super Saturday friends!
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