Life according to Poppy (8 weeks)

Thursday, August 27

So I've been taking over my Mum's Instagram once a week with an update of how I'm getting on. It's been quite popular on there so I thought that this week I would step it up a bit and write on here.

I'm now 8 weeks old! I feel like I've experienced all the weather possible on the outside.  There was the heatwave when I was born, the freezing cold (and light snow) when I was in South Africa and the torrential rain this week in London. Talking of rain - it's so cool being in my buggy when it's raining! The drops make a noise on my rain cover and it's fun watching them run down the plastic. It's even funnier when Mummy has forgotten her umbrella at home and she gets drenched! But my absolute best is when Mummy gets tired of the rain and runs with the buggy to get us home faster!

We went to Mum and baby yoga again this week. I enjoyed it more than last week when my tummy was sore, but seriously I don't know what all the fuss is about. It is so much more fun when Mummy and I do our own yoga at home. It's even fun to just lie on the mat while mum follows one of those online classes. Anyway, Mum seems pretty keen on us going to the class so I guess I will have to give it another go.

On the topic of classes. YOU GUYS. I had the best hour of my life so far yesterday at a class! It was a baby sensory class and it was A-MAZING! There were even lights moving on the ceiling! We sang songs, I got a massage and there was a bubble machine! My best part though, was when our Mummy's helped us to hold onto this gigantic piece of gold sequinned fabric (in the shape of the sun) and we sang 'you are my sunshine' while we shook the fabric. Let me tell you-if you are a few weeks old reading this, and you are as into lights as I am, this takes things to a WHOLE different level. And you won't believe it, but during Old Macdonald they had REAL animals come around and say hi (as you can see in the picture above). I've told Mum we are totally signing up for the weekly classes in the autumn term!

Feeding wise - all is going well, thank goodness Mum's mastitis from last week has gone and she has stopped whinging about how awful she feels. She is still taking the antibiotics though - and those things cause havoc with my tummy. Seriously - do they think I enjoy poo-nami nappy explosions??

Sleeping wise- I now go to bed at about 7:30, and then Mum wakes me at about 10:30 to feed me. Usually I just feed in my sleep though and then Daddy changes my nappy and I go back to bed. For the last 5 out of 6 nights I've then slept through to 6 or 7am, but the night before last I thought I would mix it up a bit and had a snack at 4am. Mum doesn't seem to mind though - I think she is still so delighted that I've only ever woken her once a night since I was born!

I still love bathing - Dad is way better at it than Mum though. Although I don't like getting out - but I've chatted to my friends in the ante natal group and they say they hate that part too. Luckily baths are followed by massage with coconut oil and that is soooo lovely.

Toy wise, I got the COOLEST new toy this week. Mum says it's a space or emergency blanket (that belongs in a 1st aid kit) that she bought on Amazon. I say it's the GREATEST TOY FOR AN 8 WEEK OLD EVER.  You can kick it and grab at it, it's really light and it makes the best crinkly noises. You can also get your Mummy to put it over your musical play mat with lights and it makes your own disco inside! And when you tired of the disco - you can kick it off!  Elodie's Mum told mummy to buy it - thanks E, I totally owe you one. And if I you are 6 weeks or a bit older and reading this - you need to get your Mummy to order you one - tell her it's only 65p!

I continue to be ridiculously spoilt with gifts! Everyone we see seems to hand something to Mummy for me - how pretty is my new headband from Che!

Physically - I'm still happiest over Mummy or Daddy's shoulder. But I'm doing a bit of tummy time with my arms propped up on the mat too. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about really - but Mum is a Physio and seems to be a bit tummy time obsessed...I love sucking my hands, and occasionally I hit the jackpot and get just my thumb in!

Ah - I almost forgot to say! I have been to two baby showers in the past 2 weeks! I can't wait for my new little besties to join me on the outside! The mum's (Claire and Lindsey)  seem awesome.

Ok - nap time for me. Bye guys.
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