Friday, August 7

I've started this post a hundred times in my mind but I am unable to conjure an opening line that can begin to articulate the past 5 weeks and 2 days.

On the 1st of July, early in the morning, our beautiful daughter Poppy Sydney entered the world.  Later that evening my Father passed away. I never imagined that it was possible to experience such emotional extremes in just a few hours.  My Dad saw Poppy twice on FaceTime during the day and was delighted that they shared a middle name.

We managed to get Poppy's passport in a week and flew to South Africa for his memorial service. We returned to London on Wednesday. I don't think that it has all quite sunk in yet. Perhaps in the future I will be able to share on here some of the anger, sadness and despair that I have experienced since we were robbed of the most wonderful Father, husband, farmer and friend.  

But for now - I want to celebrate the wonderful little human that we have been blessed with.

I typed up my birth story in bullet points a week after she was born as I didn't want to forget any of it (after the 100's I read on the internet when I was pregnant I feel I need to add mine for others that are patiently stalking cyberspace for a taste of what they are in for!) and I have had so many people asking me about the experience I want to share it on here too.

So far, I just LOVE being a Mother! Thankfully, other than mastitis that turned into a breast abscess, everything to do with my labour and Poppy has gone so well! She really has been the easiest part of the past few weeks.  Pete is the best Dad and is as ridiculously besotted with her as I am.  

She was a big baby (being two weeks overdue!) - more on that in the birth story to come, and so I think that she has been able to feed and sleep well as a result of it.

(I really really hope that I'm not jinxing myself by saying that!)

As soon as I have a moment to type up my birth story properly I will, but right now I have a hungry baby!
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