Bank Holiday Weekend in the Cotswolds

Monday, September 7

I just love the Cotswolds. If we were ever going to stay in the UK for the long term and wanted to move out of London, it would be straight to the Cotswolds for us! I love all the little villages with their sand coloured stone brick houses and the countryside is beautiful.  Daylesford organic farm and cafe which I've mentioned here before, is one of my favourite places in England, and is also in the Cotswolds.

All the kit involved in travelling with a little human meant that I didn't even consider taking my big camera so I apologise for the rather poor quality pictures off of my iPhone!

We stayed in the beautiful village of Bourton on the Water, in a B and B which was lovely but unfortunately our room smelt terribly of damp so I won't link to it. Poppy didn't seem to mind the awful smell though and slept very well in the travel cot (her first time in one!).

We had an early lunch at Daylesford on Saturday, then relaxed on the side of the little river in Bourton on the Water in the afternoon. It was a lovely day and lots of the children from the village were playing in their swimming costumes in the shallow water! Pops loved it because she just LOVES being outside and Pete and I had a little picnic of brie, biscuits and olives from the Daylesford farm shop.  We didn't have a picnic blanket with us, as we are still learning about being organised as parents - so she relaxed on her travel changing mat and we sat on the grass!

We had dinner that evening at The Rose Tree restaurant, voted number one on trip advisor and rightly so! We hadn't booked and so there were only tables available outside. Fortunately our B and B was only a short walk away so Pete could go back quickly and get a blanket for us to put over Pops - like I said we are still getting the hang of being prepared for everything!

On Sunday morning Pete ran a 10 km trail run at the nearby Sudeley castle just before the rain set in for the day!  It is now a private residence with part of the castle open to the public, but historically was the home of King Henry's 6th wife Catherine. She is also buried there.  Unfortunately we didn't have time to visit the castle properly but it's certainly on my to do list for next time we are in the area.

In the afternoon we met up with friends at the Cotswold wildlife Park. It was pouring with rain unfortunately but is such a great place! It is really a gigantic zoo, but wonderful for kids (Pops was too young to enjoy it this year, but we will definitely go back there)! They have all sorts of wild animals, including a baby rhino that was only born on the 18th August this year!

Pops decided that the pram just wasn't for her while we were there and so for most of the afternoon I carried her tucked into my cardigan and held my umbrella at the same time!  Her glum face in that final picture pretty much sums up how she felt about the whole excursion.  I also struggled to find somewhere to feed her and ended up feeding her on a bench under a tree while Bindy held an umbrella over us - thanks Binds!

The drive home on Monday wasn't pleasant for any of us, as Poppy cried a LOT.  The problem appeared to be that she just didn't want to be in her car seat, as as I began unclipping the straps to lift her out of it she started smiling and gurgling and was completely happy as long as she wasn't in it! It seems that car journeys are unfortunately no longer her thing...

Poppy's newborn photo shoot

Tuesday, September 1

I thought it was a little ridiculous when on the Friday afternoon when we were in South Africa, my Mum called (from town) and asked Pete and I to collect my sister from school.  She gave us about 10 minutes notice and we had to hastily pack Poppy up and drive the 20 minutes into town.  Pete seemed pretty relaxed about it though and said he wanted to go and buy some biltong anyway.

When we got back to our farm from fetching her, I understood why they had wanted me out of the house, as our living room was full of guests for a surprise baby shower!

Poppy was spoilt with even more gifts, and it was so lovely to spend the afternoon with dear family friends.

Thank you so much to everyone who came :)

One of our gifts was a newborn photo shoot with the incredibly talented photographer from my home town, Jenna Bird.

We had a wonderful morning with her and Pops thoroughly enjoyed all the posing at 28 days old!

Thank you for the beautiful pictures Jen, and thank you for the wonderful gift Odes, Ash, Judy, Jeanette and Tracey!

I have printed some of my favourites and hope to get them up on the wall in Poppy's room this week!

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