Poppy's newborn photo shoot

Tuesday, September 1

I thought it was a little ridiculous when on the Friday afternoon when we were in South Africa, my Mum called (from town) and asked Pete and I to collect my sister from school.  She gave us about 10 minutes notice and we had to hastily pack Poppy up and drive the 20 minutes into town.  Pete seemed pretty relaxed about it though and said he wanted to go and buy some biltong anyway.

When we got back to our farm from fetching her, I understood why they had wanted me out of the house, as our living room was full of guests for a surprise baby shower!

Poppy was spoilt with even more gifts, and it was so lovely to spend the afternoon with dear family friends.

Thank you so much to everyone who came :)

One of our gifts was a newborn photo shoot with the incredibly talented photographer from my home town, Jenna Bird.

We had a wonderful morning with her and Pops thoroughly enjoyed all the posing at 28 days old!

Thank you for the beautiful pictures Jen, and thank you for the wonderful gift Odes, Ash, Judy, Jeanette and Tracey!

I have printed some of my favourites and hope to get them up on the wall in Poppy's room this week!

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