Life according to Poppy (3 months)

Thursday, October 1

After 3 days of relentless practicing on my play mat, I finally succeeded in rolling all the way onto my tummy from my back yesterday morning!

Dad saw my debut roll and then took this photo to show Mummy as she was all attached to the milk expressing machine in the bedroom.

Fortunately once I had mastered that first roll I was able to do loads more to show her quite easily.

How AMAZING and fun is being able to switch from your back to your belly on your own? I can only do it towards my right hand side at the moment, but who needs to be able to roll both ways anyway? The only problem is that I'm unable to roll back onto my back, so I shout for someone to roll me back over, and then promptly return to my belly and repeat the whole experience! 

But rolling can seriously make you vomit up your milk though.

I was 13 weeks yesterday-and today I am 3 whole calendar months old!

I am also getting so much stronger on my tummy, I've said it before, but having a Mummy that is a physio means you have to do sooo much tummy time. Phew, at least it's getting easier now.

You Guys - how awesome are hands? I have been very into sucking them for a while, but in the past week I've worked out to reach for things, mainly to test out how they feel in my mouth (I've even caught hold of Mummy's hair a few times!).  I especially love the plastic ball that my Auntie Judy gave me.  I can get my fingers through it to hold onto and its really light. The only thing that I don't like about the ball is that I can't roll over while holding it (yet!).  Mummy also got me an awesome new doll this week called Cora, it plays so many little songs and I love it, especially the introductory song that also seems to play randomly in-between other songs.  I really don't understand why Mummy says it's going to drive her mad.

I've also tried sitting in my bumbo chair a few times this week, it's quite nice, but I usually end up just staring longingly at my play mat until Mummy lifts me and gives me a cuddle or lets me get back to my rolling on my mat.

(Mummy thinks that this photo of me in my bumbo seat is hilarious).

Oh my goodness but my Daddy has invented the GREATEST GAME EVER. He holds me on my tummy and then flies me towards the mirror. It is SO funny, and I shriek with laughter each time my face gets close to the mirror! I really could play that game all day.

(How handsome is my Dad!)

Today we were monkeys at baby sensory, it really is one of the best hours of my week.  We sing and look at all the fun toys that the teacher Kimmy has. The big gold sequinned fabric sun that we hold onto and move up and down is still my favourite though.

We missed yoga this week as they sneakily took me for more injections.  Those things are the absolute worst.  I was just looking and smiling at Mummy and then the horrible nurse stuck the needle into my leg. I SCREAMED. And then she even gave me a second one.  After the initial shock and pain I didn't react as badly to these ones though, and I didn't get a temperature (so I didn't get to try any more of that nice calpol stuff).

We also went to buggy fit in the park this week, Mummy is still on her diet and weight loss mission and so I had to hang out in the buggy while she did all these exercises. It was funny watching her in the beginning (she looked so tired!) and I was giggling at her but then it got SO boring that I cried. 

I'm still not a fan of being in the buggy much.  Personally I prefer it if Mummy carries me, and then pushes the buggy with her other hand. But this evening Dad put the big girl seat on instead of the bassinet so at least I should be able to sit more upright and see a bit more than just the boring old sky when I'm in there. We haven't tried it outside of the flat yet, so I will keep you posted.

We got some BRILLIANT news last night! My uncle Paddy is going to marry his beautiful Claire! I love those two, and I got to have such lovely cuddles with them when I was in South Africa.  Mummy has not stopped talking about it all day! YAY, I love Weddings!

My Granny Ann has been here for the past 10 days and I've been having such fun with her. My Grampa John arrives tomorrow for the world cup rugby.  I am a baby Bok and love watching rugby with my Dad.  But Mummy and I aren't going to Newcastle to watch the Scotland game this weekend anymore.  They somehow forget to mention to me that it was a 5 HOUR DRIVE to get there.  And as you guys know, I don't do the car seat for more than a few minutes without screaming so I said 'no ways' and Mum and I are staying right here.

Sleep wise, I seem to be getting quite hungry during the night again, so I've been waking Mummy once and occasionally twice to feed.  Mummy says she doesn't understand how I only used to wake once as a newborn and then was even sleeping through, but I just say 'what can I do if I'm starving??'.  

I'm also really into selfies now. I hate how every time I do something cute or clever Mum or Dad aim their phones at me.  So now I just stop whatever I was doing that prompted them to pick up their phone and stop engaging with me.  Selfies are awesome though - it's like looking in the mirror!

I think that's all my new for now. For more of my weekly updates, you can follow my Mummy on instagram @luluberrydiaries or via her Berry Diaries page on Facebook! 
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