Some thoughts on Parenthood...

Tuesday, October 27

I frequently have ideas about blog posts that I would like to write. 

And then taking care of my baby and going on coffee dates and doing loads of washing and replying to emails and doing admin for my business and trying to catch up on sleep and planning what we should have for dinner and ENTERTAINING HER ALL DAY LONG gets in the way of me getting anything written down.

Here are a few of the thoughts that if I ever have time again I would like to expand on.

1. Caring for a baby is the most rewarding, exhausting, exciting, terrifying and repetitive thing that I have ever attempted.

2. I have an "easy baby" and see point 1. How on earth do people do it with a colicky, non sleeping or screaming baby?

3. Anyone who has a baby to try and 'fix' a relationship is in serious trouble.  Having a baby is so full on that if you and your partner aren't already in a very good place - it must be hell.

4.  As much as people say, "nothing can prepare you" for being a Parent. Nothing can.

5.  Knowing that I am her absolute everything and that she would rather be in my arms rather than anywhere else in the world is both flattering and overwhelming.

6.  This is FOREVER.

7.  I never wanted to be one of those people that stuck to a routine or insisted on being at home for nap times. BUT the reality is that on the days where the sleeps and feeds do work out well, we are all happier and better off. 

8. Breastfeeding is hell to start with (cracked and bleeding nipples are no fun) and then becomes the easiest and most wonderful bonding experience you could have with your baby.  And it burns up to 500 calories a day (insert happy dancing emoji here).      

9. Seeing her face light up when I walk into the room or pick her up from a nap or make a silly face or wiggle my head weirdly is THE BEST FEELING in the world.

10. Giggles and happy screeches are the best sound on earth. (Except at 4am. Even at 4am).

11.  RESPECT to all the full time Mum's out there.  Especially those with more than one child.

12.  As much as you don't want to be a pushy Parent trying to pave the way to an easy and perfect life for your child. You want the BEST for the human you have created. So you will be. 

13.  Watching your child's face as they experience the shock and pain of being vaccinated may make you want to take your baby and RUN away from the nurse (even though you believe 100% in vaccinations).

14. The NHS is the greatest institution on earth.  Imagine if every Mum and baby in the whole world could have access to it?

15.  I can be a fiercely protective Mamma Bear. I can point out her chubbiness and her mullet, but you daren't.

16.  A dummy can be both your biggest life saver and greatest nightmare in one night.

17.   The amount of dried vomit on my clothes that I find it acceptable to leave the house in, seems to increase as the weeks go by.

18.  All the negative opinions that I ever voiced regarding co sleeping. I retract. Especially at 3am when I am exhausted and I know that she will go back to sleep immediately if she can lie against me instead of being unsettled in her crib.

19. Mummy guilt is a REAL thing.

20. Should I OR shouldn't I share pictures and stories about my baby on social media is AN ONGOING WAR IN MY MIND.

21. Keeping you own identity while wading through the trials and tribulations of being a new Mum is difficult. (Currently pondering this hard).

23.  Having grown and birthed this smiley, giggly, beautiful scrumptious human has been such a privilege and a blessing and she has already bought so much to joy to us. Not only to Pete and I, but to our families and friends too. 

24. Most baby related stuff is manageable after a good nights sleep.  But when you are exhausted, it can all seem impossible.

25. Being married to Pete has made this journey all the more wonderful.  Seeing him interact with her and care for her makes me love him even more. I just ADORE my little family! And I would love to have loads more children (and a housekeeper!)

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