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Sunday, March 6

I have started typing this post a couple of times in the past few weeks and then been too distracted or exhausted to finish it!

So here is a quick update.

I am finally starting to feel like I am managing to juggle working and Mothering at the same time, largely thanks to our AMAZING nanny who Poppy adores and the fact that she is doing so much of my housework when Pops naps! And my business has been doing really well since I started working part time in the beginning of the year.

I loved my first Mother's day today and was totally spoilt by Pete and Pops to a lie in, coffee in bed and flowers and a gorgeous card followed by a breakfast date with dear friends (it was Lindsey's first Mother's Day too!).

A few weeks ago, due to Pete's new business commitments, he and I made the slightly crazy but exciting decision to extend our Easter trip to South Africa by a few months.  We are now going to be there from the middle of March until early September! We are sad to be missing the summer here (I love summer in the UK) and chasing winter for the year, but Durban's winter (where we will be based) should be pretty mild. We will also be spending lots of time on our family farm in Kokstad (where the winter will be freeeeezing), and we can't wait for Pops to get to hang out with all of her extended family and spend some time on South African soil.

The past few weeks have involved lots of planning, finding an apartment in Durban, renting our flat out here, handing over (and telling) my patients that I'm going to be away and thinking about how to fit 3 peoples lives for half a year long into 3 suitcases.  Not easy.

The next 10 days are already absolutely jam packed with me working, packing and trying to catch up with friends before we go.  Pops will be 8 months old when we leave and 14 months old when we get back. So basically like a whole new person.

Underneath the excitement, I am a little nervous about being in Durban while Pete works during the day. Our weeks here are rammed with me working or going to baby classes and playdates with Pops, and I imagine that it will take a while to get into our own routine and life there.  Hopefully Poppy and I will make some new friends there too :)

I am hoping to do a little bit of work while we are there (and while we have Granny's who are happy to baby sit!).

I also know that being on our home farm without my Dad there is going to be very hard.  Especially when I think about how much he would have ADORED taking Pops farming with him and showing her all the animals on the land that he worked so hard on and loved so very much.  

I doubt I will I have a chance to blog again before we leave, so my next post will be from South Africa! 

Please send us good vibes for travelling with a speedy crawling I want to touch (and taste) EVERYTHING that I shouldn't 8 month old....

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