South Africa so far

Thursday, April 21

I can't believe that we have been in South Africa for 5 weeks today already, in some ways it feel shorter and in other ways it feels a lot longer.

If you follow Berry Diaries on instagram or Facebook, you will know a lot of what we have been up to, but if you don't (and are interested!) here is  a brief overview of what the past few weeks have entailed.

We arrived in Cape Town with a LOT of luggage and a very tired baby on the 17th March after having landed in Jhb from London and then flown to Cape Town.  Pops was ok on the flight, not amazing and not horrendous, but to be honest I don't think flying is much fun for babies and it's really something I wish she didn't have to endure at all but such is the life that we lead.

We had a wonderful few days in Cape Town catching up with friends and family, wine farm touring (on the wine tram which we loved!) and attending my old housemate from University Nic and his new bride Kimmi's beautiful wedding in Wellington.  We stayed the night in the Wellington and Pete's sister Jax kindly came with us to look after Pops. The Wedding was beautiful and I LOVED catching up with all my University friends, many of whom I have not seen for many years! 

Being in beautiful Cape Town also served to totally confuse us further as to where we should live in the future and the Durban versus London debate now has a third contender. Not helpful at all!

After Cape Town we flew to Durban and stayed with Pete's parents for a few days where we also caught up with Jen, Beany and Jubes and we got to meet Jen's little boy who is just the cutest little man ever! Pops also went to the beach for the first time and absolutely loved crawling in the shallow waves and eating her body weight in beach sand.

On Good Friday we drove to our family farm in Kokstad as it was my brother Paddy's stag do and so Pete was involved with the golfing, clay pigeon shooting and celebrating and Pops and I were involved in catching up with friends and family!

I just loving watching Pops interact with my cousins children and the children of my childhood friends. We are so fortunate to be from such a big and fantastic family and to have such an incredible community in my home town!

We were then in Kokstad for two weeks, and had Poppy's Christening at our little church on my Uncle's farm, lead by our minister Ray who I have known for most of my life and who married Pete and I and did my Dad's memorial service. Pops had a great time at her Christening, dancing to the hymns, trying to get her hands into the water and then waved at the congregation as we sat back down!

The next weekend we had my brother and Claire's Wedding in the Drakensburg so we went up there on the Thursday and were there until the Sunday.  It was gorgeous and other than Pops having the early stages of croup and a throat infection and refusing to go to sleep, we had the most wonderful time! Ray also married Paddy and Claire :)

After going to the very impressive birds of prey show at Falcon Ridge on Sunday morning we drove to our new temporary home in Umhlanga Rocks (Durban) and spent most of last week trying to make our fully furnished rented space feel more homely and more like our own.  Pops was sick and teething last week which wasn't much fun for any of us and she has been extremely clingy to me in the past few weeks in general. 

It has been pretty frustrating that there are so many people available and eager to help with her and she has only wanted me! I suppose it's just been too many different places and too many new people in too short a space of time. She seems to be a bit less attached to my hip this week though and is currently at Granny daycare with Pete's Mum while I write this and catch up on some admin!

We started a new baby class last week and had the second one yesterday, being the small world that it always is in SA I actually know the teacher's sister and best friend from London and have friends in common with a number of the ladies in the class!

I have also discovered the AWESOME Tree Natural yoga studio and  cafe in Umhlanga and after going to two great yoga classes in two days there this week and being blown away by their delicious health food and juices, I think it's going to be my new 'local'!

I am going to be locuming for a week here and there at the Physio practice in my home town of Kokstad in the next few months and start there next week so on Sunday Pops and I will head back to Kokstad and leave Pete here with the faster city internet!

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