Poppy's First Birthday

Monday, July 4

One minute you are tentatively trying to figure out how to clip the nappy bag onto the pram for the first time, and the next your baby is able to walk all on her own.

Our precious little baba turned one last week, and we celebrated the milestone with a party at my childhood home (our family farm).

We had a farmyard theme (of course) and my sister Tess baked the cutest 'shaun the sheep' cake, with mini meringues as the wool.  The sun came out after a very chilly start to the day and it really was the most lovely morning.  It was so special having all my cousins, cousins children and my childhood friends' children there to celebrate with us.

The wonder of growing up in a small tight knit farming community is that a number of the Mummy's (and Granny's) at Pops' party were my guests at my own Birthday parties as a child!

Pops loved all the attention and her first taste of sugar, and was so so spoilt with gifts.

Her actual Birthday on the 1st July, obviously held mixed emotions for me.  At one point in the middle of the day, we discussed how a year ago exactly, Pops had been born and Dad was still alive, and I just wish that we could rewind to those few happy hours again whenever we want to.

She loved her baby doll, and is fascinated with trying to suck on it's dummy. She hasn't had a dummy since she was 4 months old, but is obsessed with stealing other children's!

I definitely know that Dad would have been delighted that Pops' saw in her 1st Birthday on the farm and very pleased with the number of cuddles (and treats from her highchair) that she gives his beloved dogs!

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