About Me

Hi, I'm Lulu and this is my little space on the internet.

I am a South African living in London, married to Pete (a South African that I met in London), and new Mummy to baby Poppy.

You can read my recent birth story here and see some of Poppy's newborn shoot here.

I started this blog after being treated for melanoma cancer for the 3rd time in 2012.  It started as a space where I shared healthy lifestyle advice and since then it has morphed into more of an online chronicle of my life.

I work as a Physio for Women and Children and have my own Physio practice Lulujay Physiotherapy, and I also teach yoga to children with special needs.  I read far too many books, love socialising and I am besotted with yoga.

I just LOVE being a Mother and currently spend my days hanging out with my little bestie Poppy while I'm on maternity leave!

Thanks so much for stopping by :)

Lulu x 
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